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Lesbian kiss photo riles Singapore

 singapore lesbian kiss.thumbnail  Lesbian kiss photo riles Singapore

What’s wrong with those kids these days. You allways see something strange, well here we are and welcome to the third millennium, where everybody gets more and more crazy or more and more strange.

An online auction site has seen bids to buy the photo of a girlish peck. And it is still making its rounds on the Internet – the result of a ‘silly prank’ that backfired.
In a rash moment, two girls from Anderson Junior College (Singapore) locked lips for the camera – all for a wacky class photo. They pulled off the joke under the noses of their form tutor and their classmates, when posing for an informal memento at the annual photo-taking session.

Now, the former Year One Science students say they did not mean it and are sorry for what they did. However, it has caused unnecessary embarrassment to the college, their tutor and their parents.

The photo was taken last August. Six months later, it is still making faces go red, no thanks to its circulation via the Internet.

AJC’s principal of five years, Mr Tan Tiek Kwee, told The Y Scene that the photo of the kiss was not a result of some fancy digital trick, as some suspected at first. It was just a result of a ‘silly prank’, he said. The ‘fun’ pose, captured by a photographer from AJC’s Photographic Society, was for the class to keep. As the photographer said ‘One, two, three’, the girls kissed on the count of three.

Mr Tan claimed that the tutor and the other classmates were not aware of the quick peck – until the photo was developed about a week later. The vice-principal then took immediate action to confiscate the photo and retrieve the negative.

Mr Tan did not want us to speak to the tutor and the girls, but said the tutor was ‘unhappy and disappointed’ with what happened. When confronted, the girls had cried – out of remorse.

Mr Tan said, “They said they had not pre-planned what they wanted to do.and it was done on the spur of the moment. ‘They wanted something creative but they went overboard.” He added that there was no ‘special relationship’ between the two.

The girls have also been punished. They had to do community service in school and write a reflection on what they had done and why they did it. Mr Tan added that the girls’ parents were informed and they had apologised to the principal and the college.

Just when they thought the matter was behind them, the photo was put up for an online auction this month. An ex-student also e-mailed Mr Tan, to tell him that he had received the photo as well. Mr Tan, who thought that he had destroyed all evidence of the photo, was bewildered.

Upon further investigation, he found that three copies of the photo had been made by a member of the Photographic Society. The boy had kept one for himself and passed the other two to his schoolmates. Mr Tan said, “One of them passed it to his friend, a polytechnic student. What happened after that, we can’t be too sure.”

The online auction had started on March 9. Within five days, there were seven bids for the photo. The starting bid of SD $13.14 had risen to SD $53.30, but the auction was cancelled when the school wrote to the site. 


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Teen sells virginity for $20,000

A baby-faced 18-year-old has offered her virginity for the price of £10,000 (approximately USD $20,348) to help her pay for her university tuition.

News website Maltastar is reporting that British teenager Carys Copestake used a false name to advertise herself on a website popular with prostitutes, with her parents having no idea of the bizarre way of getting cash for university.

The ad reads: “Virginity For Sale £10,000″.

have virgin 0716 1  Teen sells virginity for $20,000

She adds: “Hey, I think the title says it all. I’m an 18-year-old virgin with student funds to pay and I’m looking to sell my first time right here. I’m brunette, 34C, green eyes, all in proportion and good looking.”

The teenager apparently still lives with her parents, but was struggling to afford the tuition costs for her four-year physics course at Salford University, which was to start in September.

Maltastar reported that she told a journalist: “For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to keep my first time special and wait for the right guy. I’m not like other girls who want rid of it from the word go,” she said.

“I’m getting curious about myself and the opposite sex. I want to explore and I want someone to teach me.

“I’ve also found myself in a financial situation where I need to fund my studies. I figured this could be killing two birds with one stone.

“I get lots of guys wanting to help me out with my ‘problem’ – some replies are really creepy. But I got so frustrated with the empty offers that I turned them down.

“I have to be careful, you could have been someone I know, even one of my teachers.”

After conversations with a Maltastar reporter – dubious about whether she was in fact a virgin or merely a prostitute trying to deceive buyers – Copestake said she had found a “buyer”.

“I’ve been offered the money in cash and I’m going to do it this Thursday. Sorry I’m at work so I can’t speak any more,” she told The People.


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Can porn go public?

A few big splashes will be necessary to trigger a trend

public porn 0715  Can porn go public?

Porn isn’t going away. While it has become a part of mainstream culture, adult entertainment remains on the public finance sidelines. The business is dominated by small owner-operated companies, obscuring financial details and stifling growth. To grow aggressively, the porn industry needs money, but the business has a long way to go before most companies are large enough even to consider IPOs.

Securely embedded in the mainstream, we see porn stars on Times Square billboards, and stars routinely appear in small acting roles in television and film. Kobe Tai, Stormy Daniels and Jenna Jameson have appeared on the small and big screens. Once relegated to trade publications, developments in the adult entertainment market appear in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times.

Of course, the business of pornography is by no means small. Adult Video News, an industry trade publication, estimates that consumers spent $12.9 billion on adult entertainment in 2006. Approximately 13,000 new titles were produced in the $3.62 billion film business, an average of one film every 40 minute. More than 45 million different people visit adult websites. Porn is big, and people like it.

Somehow, this big market has failed to reach a critical mass. The top 10 companies in the business own only approximately 10 percent of the market, based on revenue estimates from Hoovers. Only Beate Uhse (of Germany) and Playboy have revenues north of $250 million. Porn may be big, but porn companies are not.

Size matters. Porn is not yet big enough to appeal to the investing public, with smaller public companies lacking the stability and liquidity that the average investor craves.

A mere nine adult companies are publicly traded, with the majority headquartered in the United States. Germany Spain and Australia each has one public porn company. Further, there is no dominant market segment represented by public adult entertainment, as three are gentlemen’s clubs, three produce content (e.g. adult films) and two are involved in branded product and retail. One processes online payments.

Gentlemen’s clubs have demonstrated the strongest performance, with double-digit revenue growth and triple-digit profit gains. Retailers, on the other hand, show flat sales growth while posting double-digit profit growth, and content companies, typically, have lagged.

As smaller public companies, listed adult entertainment businesses are subject to wild movements based on small events. A mildly positive press release can send the stock price soaring, and one quarter of substandard revenue growth could send it back the other way. Unusually high P/E ratios result, especially in relation to fantastic (or fantastically dismal) year-over-year earnings changes. The average adult content company, for example, trades at more than 400 times earnings, despite showing revenue declines of more than 60 percent.

Meanwhile, gentlemen’s clubs show fantastic earnings growth on average (almost 470 percent) and a sky-high P/E (91.72), but a low average market cap of $51 million means that they still are vulnerable to the whims of investors, especially large shareholders and insiders. Branded product and retail companies appear to be the most stable, mostly likely a result of the $222 million average market capitalization for the sector, which shows a bit more maturity.

There is room for porn on public capital markets, but porn itself has to change first. A wave of industry consolidation would have to precede any meaningful adult industry IPO trend. According to Francis Koenig, President and CEO of adult-oriented private equity firm AdultVest, it will take time.

Koenig indicates that gentlemen’s clubs have the most potential, because of limited market penetration and the fact that the largest national chains are still private. Following the clubs in Koenig’s estimation are diversified adult entertainment companies, such as Adam & Eve (PHE) and Hustler (LFP), which have revenue streams ranging from films to novelty items and licensing deals. In addition to delivering income from multiple sources, diversification shows an operational maturity that would be helpful in public markets.

The potential exists, and some companies have the right business models. The problem remains size.

While this has not stopped some adult entertainment companies from going and staying public, it does limit new entries to the stock exchanges. Going public is neither easy nor inexpensive, and the mechanics of listing on an exchange require the support of attorneys, investment bankers and accountants. It is easy for the price tag to reach millions of dollars, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual expenses to comply with stock exchange and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations.

But, there is another way.

Smaller businesses can go public via the Over-the-Counter (OTC) system, which has a more manageable regulatory structure and as a result lower compliance costs. The cost of going public OTC can be as low as US$100,000 up front, with recurring annual fees of tens of thousands of dollars.

Payment processing company IBD is traded OTC, attracting capital from public investors without the rigor of formal stock exchanges. IBD is the smallest of the world’s publicly traded adult entertainment companies, with US$6.9 million in annual revenues and a market capitalization of US$2.2 million. Given its size, OTC is the ideal venue, as IBD does not meet the revenue minimums of most stock exchanges.

Going public OTC is not without risk. The OTC environment attracts fewer investors, making it less liquid than the exchanges. A good quarter will send the stock price soaring, but disfavor with investors can lead to catastrophic declines. Be prepared for a few tough years at first. Over time, maturing operations, comfort with public capital markets and investor awareness are likely to offer a bit more stability.

Entering public capital markets can be exciting, lucrative and unnerving. Wealth is created and rescinded in minutes, and the pressure to perform is extraordinary. For the adult entertainment business, public capital is on the horizon. The ability to grow eventually will be limited by the availability of capital, and public markets are the only viable long-term solution. You may be able to go to the bank for millions, but you have to go to the public for billions.

It will take some time for porn to go public. Consolidation must come first, creating a critical mass that makes the stock exchanges attainable. While OTC is an option, it will not draw the industry as a whole to public investors; the environment is not robust enough. A few big splashes will be necessary to trigger a trend, requiring big companies to go public on exchanges. After a few years of mergers, though, porn will enter the mainstream portfolio; the industry doesn’t have a choice.


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Oral-sex class to boost repertoire

licking finger 0730  Oral sex class to boost repertoire

Vancouver – There’s an emerging trend in bachelorette parties that is far from a tea-and-crumpets celebration.

In fact, the only hot tea involved is as a training prop in an educational session in Vera Zyla’s oral pleasure seminar.

More and more women are booking private, pre-wedding seminars through Zyla’s Vancouver store, The Art of Loving, to learn the how-tos of oral sex, having a good orgasm and stripping for your lover.

She has hosted dozens of parties for women ranging from virgins to the more experienced. The course on oral sex techniques seems to be one of the most popular.

“I believe it’s because there are a number of challenges that are presented,” she said.

“I ask these women in class: ‘Why do you think women find it so challenging,’ and they start sharing.”

Zyla said the women are simply looking for strategies to be better at it and to add it to their repertoire, hoping to use it to prolong a marriage.

‘Need to mix it up’

“If you have meat and potatoes for dinner every night, you’re going to get bored of that.. ..You need to mix it up.”

Zyla said at first, some women are nervous about attending, but a few quips from the crowd can make the night hilarious.

“They tend to turn it into a little wine and cheese thing … everybody gets loosened up. It’s a really fun evening.”

Anna Von Frances, 28, took a similar oral sex education seminar in Toronto and thinks more women should do the same.

“It’s fun to get together with your girlfriends and laugh about a taboo subject, then find out it’s not all that taboo.”

She said the course helped her get familiar with the male anatomy.

Von Frances admitted she was nervous about sitting in a room with a bunch of her girlfriends learning to put a condom-clad banana in her mouth.

But she said it was nothing like that. “(The instructor) did a lot of handouts about where everything’s located on a man’s member, how sensitive it really is.”

Zyla demonstrates to her classes with a prop and notes accessories women can buy or make at home.

“For example they could make a hot drink and put it in a thermos … then leave the hot liquid in your mouth, so your mouth is really toasty warm.”


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Thailand: History’s wanton women

thai travel sex 0728  Thailand: Historys wanton women
Thailand and its women have long proved seductive to travelers

The journal of a 17th-century Austrian merchant offers a lopsided view of Siam’s lewd ladies
By Subhatra Bhumiprabhas

There are few things that raise Thai hackles more than hearing their beloved country branded by foreigners as a sex paradise.

Yet this reputation does not date back, as one might imagine, to the Vietnam War, when American serviceman flooded into Bangkok and Pattaya for rest and recreation and the sex trade thrived.

In fact, the image can be traced back to the 17th century when junk merchants regularly passed through the kingdom. Christoph Carl Fernberger von Egenberg, for example, described Siamese women as “excessively lewd”.

“They are always approaching the men and urging them to go with them into their houses and have sex with them,” he wrote in his diary, which was discovered in 1972.

Fernberger arrived in the harbour of Ayutthaya in November 1624 during the reign of King Songtham. He was 26 at the time. His accounts of his travels in the region, which include Siam and Pattani, are almost unknown to foreign scholars but many Austrian historians believe Fernberger was the first of their countrymen to set foot in the two Southeast Asian harbour cities.

The first Austrian in Ayutthaya was impressed by the wealth of the kingdom and the wise rule of the Siamese king as well as his “open door policy” and strict law enforcement, says associate professor Helmut Lukas who recently talked about Fernberger’s diary at a Siam Society lecture organised in cooperation with Chulalongkorn University’s Centre for European Studies.

Lukas, however, doesn’t agree with Fernberger’s perspective of the women in Ayutthaya.

“Like any big port, Ayutthaya had a well-established prostitution ring catering to foreign seamen. But it would be wrong to assume that their behaviour was indicative of Thai women of that era,” says Lukas, an academic with the Social Anthropology Research Unit, Centre for Studies in Asian Cultures, Austrian Academy of Science.

As an independent observer with no obligations to a trading company, Fernberger’s diary may offer an alternative perspective to the often one-sided Dutch sources, the Austrian anthropologist adds.

“But his pages on the women in Ayutthaya were based on his impressions of a very limited area, which he wrongly extrapolated to the entire country,” Lukas points out.

Unfortunately, many Dutch merchants held similar views of the woman they took as their “wives” in Ayutthaya, according to professor Barbara Watsan Andaya, author of the paper “From Temporary Wife to Prostitute: Sexuality and Economic Change in Early Modern Southeast Asia” published in the Journal of Women’s History in 1998.

“VOC employees in Ayutthaya even referred to their ‘wives’ as whores, sluts and trollops and the like,” writes the professor of History and Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii.

While researching her paper, Andaya discovered that other than several works covering prostitution, no historical investigation has been carried out into the changing attitudes toward sexuality in Southeast Asia, despite the fact that the “high status” of women is often cited as characteristic of the region.

Siamese women in the 17th century are also mentioned in the diary of French ambassador Simon de La Loub?re, who arrived in Ayutthaya some 30 years after Fernberger.

The ambassador writes in his memoirs about a brothel in the capital of Ayutthaya, which was home to some 600 women from different levels of society, including the daughters and wives of the court’s noblemen.

La Loub?re, who was in Siam during the reign of King Narai, also relates how prostitution tax, collected from those with permission to run brothels, was first imposed in this reign and that the largest brothel was run by one of the king’s noblemen.

Prostitution in the port city of Pattani is also mentioned in the journals of several 17th-century foreign traders.

The Dutch merchant Van Neck, who arrived in Pattani in the early 1600s, describes the women at the harbour and their services.

“When foreigners come from other lands to do their business.men come and ask them whether they desire a woman. The young women and girls also come and present themselves, from whom they may choose the one most agreeable to them, provided they agree what he shall pay for certain months. Once they agree about the money (which does not amount to much for so great a convenience), she comes to his house, and serves him by day as his maidservant and by night as his wedded wife.”

For his part, the foreign trader had to agree not to consort with other women while the temporary wife was similarly forbidden to converse with other men. The “marriage” was deemed to last for as long as the man kept up his residence, “in good peace and unity”.

Fernberger, who arrived in Pattani in December 1624, wasn’t interested in hooking up with a woman at the harbour. His attention was on the female ruler with whom he had been granted an audience.

Pattani was under the rule of Raja Ungu, the third of four successive queens to take the throne. Fernberger describes her as an absolutist ruler who did not listen to any council.

In his diary he describes the royal entourage of 200 women. As a sign of royal power, she kept about 50 elephants and possessed some 50 men who she used for her sexual pleasure.

Lukas says the women of Pattani, and especially the queen, enjoyed many liberties.

“This proves that being a Muslim doesn’t mean being “macho” or a misogynist. The gender equality in the old Pattani kingdom sets an example for modern times,” he says.

But some of Fernberger’s accounts about the queen are much less credible.

Lukas smiles as he recounts Fernberger’s reason for leaving Pattani.

He writes that after being granted an audience with Raja Ungu, she provided him with a house and 10 slaves. He later helped her fight the Siam invasion in January 1625 in which Pattani won the battle. The young Austrian describes how the queen expressed her gratitude by sending him a present and passing on a message that she would visit him at night.

“Fernberger says a Malay colonel gave him to understand that the queen intended to make love with him. As he’d heard that men who had failed to meet her high expectations were ordered to be killed, Fernberger clandestinely sneaked down to the shore, boarded a small sailboat and went back to Ayutthaya. His stay in Pattani lasted 71 days,” says the professor, laughing.


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Having a true Asian doll in Japan

 asian schoolgirl doll 0720  Having a true Asian doll in Japan

Tokyo – Real love is hard to find for one Japanese man, who has transferred his affection and desires to dozens of plastic sex dolls.

When the 45-year-old, who uses a pseudonym of Ta-Bo, returns home, it’s not a wife or girlfriend who await him, but a row of dolls lined up neatly on his sofa.

Each has a name. Ta-Bo often watches television with his toys before bathing them, powdering them so that their skin feels more human, dressing them in lingerie and then taking them to bed.

“A human girl can cheat on you or betray you sometimes, but these dolls never do those thing. They belong to me 100 percent,” says the engineer who has spent more than 2 million yen ($16,000) over the past decade on the dolls.

“Sometimes it takes too much time before I can have sex with the person I meet. But with these dolls, it’s just a matter of a click of the mouse. With one click, they are delivered to you.”

The man, who says he has had sex with five women but prefers the dolls, is one of a gradually increasing, though secretive, group of Japanese men who have given up on women.

A Japanese maker said it started producing its life-sized and anatomically correct dolls 30 years ago, targeting initially handicapped men who might find it difficult to find a partner.

Orient Industry Co. now makes 80 dolls a month in an eastern Tokyo factory to nine designs that sell for between $850 and $5,500 each. The more expensive models are made of silicon and have 35 movable joints.

Nearly all of the people who buy these dolls are single men and about 60 percent of them are over the age of 40, a company official said.

“Nowadays, women are sometimes more dominant than men in the real world, and they don’t always pay attention to men,” said Hideo Tsuchiya, the company’s president.

“More and more men are finding themselves miserable so we’re making these dolls partly in support of men.”

The anonymity of buying a sex doll over the Internet has helped the business grow but Orient Industry also has a showroom displaying its wares.

Many have parted lips, prominent breasts and are shown splayed across beds or chairs in poses similar to those adopted by prostitutes in sex shops.

Ta-Bo says his parents are not aware of his companions as he has never invited them to his apartment.

He admits that carrying the dolls, changing their clothes and bathing them is almost like nursing bedridden people, but says for him and a few male friends who share his hobby, the dolls are the only emotional outlet.

“Sex with human girls was better, but I hate the process of dating,” he said.


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Ron Jeremy: circumscribe porn to kids

Christian anti-pornography campaigners teamed up with a Jewish porn star to tell kids to keep away from porn.

Ron Jeremy appears with “Pete the Porno Puppet” on a public service announcement on www.XXXchurch.com, an anti-porn website. Jeremy tells Pete that the videos in which he stars are “I stress for adults, not you.”

A press release from XXXchurch says that Jeremy and the church’s pastor, Craig Gross, agree on this issue, but plan to debate other aspects of the porn industry in week-long Chicago to New York bus tour starting Aug. 5.

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EveKnows.com Web 2.0 Search Engine Launched

The release of EveKnows.com 1.0, the Internet’s first Web 2.0 porn search engine! EveKnows is different than the other sex search engines–rather than searching adult sites in general, it focuses solely on free picture and movie galleries. We aim to revolutionize porn searches the way Google changed mainstream searching, with an emphasis on clean, quality results and absolutely no pay-for-placement galleries. This means you, the user, find exactly the porn you’re looking for, rather than the same, tired content from companies with large advertising budgets.

EveKnows.com utilizes the latest Web 2.0 technologies, making it a true joy to use. These include:

  • Advanced Search Algorithm: Much like Google, EveKnows tracks which sites link to each gallery, giving preference to galleries displayed on multiple popular sites.
  • Search Suggestions: Start typing a model’s name, and similar queries will automatically be displayed.
  • Custom RSS Feeds: Use your web browser’s RSS reader to watch feeds of your favorite models. The feeds are updated in real-time, so you’ll always see their latest published galleries.
  • Popular Search Cloud: See what everyone else is searching for! The more popular a model’s name is, the darker the link will be.
  • Automated Indexing: Our web robot, Caroline, is crawling the Internet for fresh porn 24 hours each day. Every clean gallery she finds is added to the site in real-time, resulting in an enormous database of the absolute newest porn anywhere!
  • Standards-compliant Interface: EveKnows uses standard XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so it will work properly and look fantastic on a wide range of devices, from desktop PCs and Apple notebooks, to PSPs and iPhones.
  • Open Development: The Anatomy of a Search Engine blog details the development of EveKnows.com, eliciting comments and suggestions for improvements from the site’s users.

More information can be found on the About Eve section of the site, along with advanced usage instructions. TGP owners and gallery submitters are welcome to request their own sites be indexed by our web robot Caroline.

Visit EveKnows.com now!

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